Projects NZGIS4EM are involved in 2019/20

Project Status
National Geospatial Framework (NEMA led) Ongoing
National GeoConOps Template (NEMA led) Ongoing
National Disaster Assessment Technical Standard (NEMA led) Ongoing
National Address Standard for Emergency Mgmt. (NEMA/LINZ led) Ongoing
Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Implications / Common Operational Picture (COP) (NEMA led) Ongoing
Emergency Mgmt. Symbology Standard (FENZ led) Ongoing
Interoperability research and development Planned
Administration (website, social media, file sharing) Ongoing
Governance for NZGIS4EM Ongoing
AGM and Special Interest Group (SIG) August 2020 Ongoing
NZGIS4EM Six Monthly ForumPlanned