About GEMA

Geospatial Emergency Management Aotearoa (GEMA) is a voluntary community of like-minded individuals from both the geospatial and emergency management sectors of New Zealand. These individuals were brought together in 2017 by common experiences and concerns about how GIS was or, in many cases, was not, being implemented for the emergency management sector.

Membership to the community is formalized simply by signing up to our online community in Slack (nzemgeo.slack.com). To sign up or for more information contact nzgis4em@gmail.com.

Our top goals for 2022/2023

  1. Foster and facilitate engagement for the GEMA Community
  2. Launch and facilitate new working groups (National Response Enablement and Local/Regional Lead Response)
  3. Build connections with National Emergency Management Development Group (NEMDG) and CDEM Groups


The GEMA Committee is elected representatives of the Community with a vision, purpose, function and mandate as defined in this Terms of Reference. The committee’s purpose is to be a shared and coordinated voice for the use of Geospatial in Emergency Management in New Zealand. The Committee advocates, educates, advises and provides support, guidance, recommendations and best practice for GIS and Emergency Management practitioners while ensuring alignment to the principles and purpose of the Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS).

2023 Committee Members